5* Reviews – The Tales of Northborough

Some reviews about the historical fantasy novel The Tales of Northborough by New Jersey Catholic author Renee Kenny:

Wonderful, well-written tale of a time long ago

This story was very well written, describing a time long ago when there were princes, knights, and castles. The author obviously researched the era and one becomes immediately engrossed in the story. Connecting with each character, the reader wants to find out what happens next. The tale is woven with good and evil, dark and light, and keeps the reader engaged. I would recommend this book to adults and teens alike. It was so refreshing to be entertained by more than the soundbites of the internet, the superficial characters of the modern screen, and to connect with well developed characters. Kudos to author Renee Kenny for giving us the pleasure of escaping into a world of fantasy that stimulates the imagination!

A must-read

I absolutely loved this novel and really hope the author writes more. It’s a page-turner!

Fascinating fantasy

A fascinating fantasy, saga-like story, with interesting characters, lots of action, suspense, and sorcery. I found it hard to put the book down as I wanted to know what happens next. Suitable for teens and adults. I highly recommend it.

Couldn’t put it down!

This book had me feeling like I was in the story with them. The detail and description of both the characters and setting were electrifying to read. I hope this author writes more.

(Source: Amazon).