Morristown-Beard school features novelist Renee Kenny

As the Assistant Librarian at Morristown-Beard School, Renee Kenny is in the business of recommending good books to students. Now, she has written a novel of her own! Recently, Panormi Books published her first full-length novel, The Tales of Northborough, the first volume in a trilogy of medieval fantasy works.

Renee’s book is set in the land of Northborough, where magic spells can bring riches, the desire to rule can blind an ambitious princess, and an enchanted cup transforms a peasant lad’s life. Her tale takes readers to a time long ago when witches, mermaids, sorcerers and seers were common and the Druids controlled Albion.  Along the way, readers will experience the thrill of jousting at a tournament, the pageantry of becoming a knight, a cruel kidnapping, a candlelit wedding, and a decisive battle with a surprise ending. Read more here.